We are so happy to see you !

As America stands together in this fight against the Coronavirus,

 we want to make our customers aware that our commitment

 to providing excellent service has not changed. 

 Please be reassured that our employees are following the health and safety guidance as prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the local public health department.


  • We train our employees on health and safety standards.
  • We screen the health of our suppliers, employees, products, and customers.
  • We actively encourage sick people to stay home. 


  • We are deep cleaning and disinfecting our business including high-touch surfaces.
  • We are opening windows or adjusting our heating/cooling to maximize ventilation.
  • We are taking measures to avoid crowding and encouraging people to use other communications available.

We have faith the President of the United States is working diligently to keep America safe, while maintaining financial securities. We applaud Governor Brashear for keeping Kentucky aware of the updates. We are certain that our country will soon defeat this and put an end to the horrible pandemic 


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Bardstown Warehousing